This video showcases the Pop Up Art Bethel – Art & Design exhibition with a look at the
works exhibited by the artists and designers. 

Included is coverage of the opening reception with interviews with some exhibiting artists 
and attendees. Also included is an inside look at six of the exhibiting artists at their studios 
with an in depth discussion about their work and process. The work in the exhibition ranges 
from sculpture to contemporary furniture to pottery, photography, fine art and more. 

Art reception showcasing the pop up art gallery "Pop Up Art Bethel". The reception 
features the art and artists of various mediums including painting, mixed media, sculpture, 
photography and a mural made inside the gallery by two artists in collaboration.

Artists featured in the show range from New Yorker cartoonist and artist Joseph Farris 
who released an illustrated memoir of World War II with illustrations published by
National Geographic to Jim Felice who makes sculptures out of car parts and many others. 
A few of the artists artists are interviewed about their art and the show. Curator and sculptor 
Michael Seri and artist Frank Kara explain how they turned a vacant warehouse into a 
pop up art gallery. First Selectman of the Town of Bethel, Matt Knickerbocker, who 
attended the reception speaks on what it brings to the culture of the town.

List of artists in the show include: Erin Nazzaro, Frank Foster Post, Tarol Samuelson, 
Katie Bassett, Juan Andreu, David Teti, Eric Camiel, Leslie Pelino, Bibiana Matheis, 
Nicole Cudzilo, Juan Andreu, Michael Morris, Joseph Farris, Tara Burgess, Judith Wyer, 
Suzanne Ross, Tanya Kukucka, Kathleen Benton, Keith Dube, Frank Kara, 
hris Durante, Kenny Hess, Justin Buto, F. Henry-Meehan, Jim Felice.